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How it all started?



On a dark night, high in the Wasatch mountains of Utah, I was lying flat on my back in a tent whilst dutifully accompanying my 12 year old son on his first boy scout camp. At this time the weather was mild, winds were calm and the crickets were melodically chirping. Nevertheless, on this night sleep eluded me mostly in large part to a large tree root crossing uncomfortably and directly beneath me.

As I lay there alone in the tent starring up into the dark, moonlit sky having nothing really significant on my mind at a time when I was really not seeking any 'big' answers in my life, it was at that moment the idea for RoLuBi popped into my head.

NOTE: The name is an acronym representing the four ways members may explore and engage RoLuBi. Click here to learn more

2011-06-23 12.31.36.jpg

Now, the exact manner by which the concept for RoLuBi was revealed to me was not by means of a simple idle thought but rather as a fully formed concept with a clear purpose, defined audience and mission statement.  From that initial moment of conception and the circumstances in which it came to me I consider it to have been a literal gift being bestowed upon me.  More a manifestation that I was being compelled to pursue something for the betterment of society as a whole.

The simple premise was to create an online community whereby individuals, groups and corporations alike could come together and make their disposable income work for them in being able to support worthwhile causes.  Also, assisting others in realizing their personal and professional dreams while embracing the exciting new arena of crowdfunding, micro-lending and equity financing.

All these options would be brought together in one location for individuals,  businesses and charitable organizations to manage their philanthropic activity all in one place while also maintaining a record of all activity for auditing and tax reporting purposes.

The key and most important benefit of RoLuBi and the thing that will distinguish it from all other crowdfunding sites on the internet will be in how it will provide it's members with the means and capability to engage in all these various activities synonymously and with the option of full anonymity.  

While also maintaining the option to openly promote their support and endorsement of campaigns with which they have a vested interest in via their various social networking profiles.

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