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What's in the name?


RoLuBi is not just a name but an acronym whose letters represent the four tenets which make our site wholly unique from other fundraising and crowdfunding sites on the Internet. Our goal being to provide a single place online where you can direct and fully explore your desires to commit your discretionary income to worthy and charitable causes while also providing opportunities for you to back and lend support to people with great ideas thru a loan or private equity investment.

If you are the sort of person who would consider giving money to a complete stranger on the street that is a simple explanation for this section of the site.

Here you are presented with a variety of opportunities to extend aid and support to individuals or causes without any concern of a return.


Much like that person on the side of the road with their hand-written sign, individuals may openly solicit donations from anyone who happens to pass by. More


This section is most typical of what you would find thru other micro-loan funding sites. The terms upon which any funds are extended are structured similar to a formal loan with specified terms and interest.


Here one or more parties may participate and either mutually benefit or share in any potential risks.  More

At various times in our lives we come across individuals (parents, relatives, business partners, etc.) who help us to obtain things we desire or who help us realize our dreams. Usually, these individuals have our best interest in mind and various reasons for wanting to help but the responsibility is on us to convince them we are a worthwhile investment.

Here individuals can openly share their goals and desires with the community and create a campaign where they make their case and define the terms and conditions upon which funds are wholly gifted or repaid under terms specified and agreed upon by all parties.  More

Here enterprising individuals wanting to identify and support new ideas, inventions and technological innovations can individually or jointly structure investments around equity and stock ownership now allowed under new equity crowdfunding guidelines.


The relationship involves more give and take on both sides and a more concerted and active level of participation to ensure a reasonable expected return on your investment. We help you to structure the deal and ensure accountability by all parties.  More

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